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6 Expert Tips on Traveling with Wine

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6 Expert Tips on Traveling with Wine
By Pamela Conn
Posted on 9/1/2018 8:41 AM
Travel is required for so many businesses - meetings, training seminars, conferences, opening new branches, etc.  We must leave our loved ones and homes to sleep in the local hotel.  At night, we may have a glass of wine to relax.  As you try wines in different areas of travel, you may find one you love and want to bring home.  How do you bring it home safely?  

Summer is a popular season for traveling.  We prepare lists or search for a packing checklist on Google, reach our destination, enjoy our vacation, and buy our souvenirs.  When you buy wine to bring home, how do you make sure it will arrive safely?  Click here for 6 Expert Tips on Traveling with Wine