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Rediscover what it means to be FULL OF LIFE

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Rediscover what it means to be FULL OF LIFE
Posted on 4/9/2019 3:49 PM

I believe personal wellness is the key to a fulfilling life.  Through physical, environmental, and financial wellness we can change our world.  Did you know that just one product in your home could be a detriment to your health? Healthy Living should be easy and affordable for everyone.

Melaleuca is an Online Shopping Club and the Manufacturer. Our niche is natural/nontoxic products. The best of science and the best of nature. Healthier Products your family will love.

Simply Switch Stores. Same Dollars, Better Spent!

Why Melaleuca is different and highly respected in the Corporate World:

1. Company Track Record – In business since 1985. In 19 countries. 2017 company sales over $2B. Never
had a product liability claim.
2. Financially Sound – Totally Debt Free Company.  Production Capabilities for $4B
3. Unique, Highly consumable products. Over 400 products with higher quality and safer ingredients. 
4. Competitively Priced
5. High Reorder Rate – 96% of people who ordered last month will order again this month.
6. Low entry fee - $19 annual membership fee
7. No Risk – all products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
8. All New Members receive $100 in free products

Click my photo to join!
Click my photo to join!