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October Spotlight - Sindy Santure - Juice Plus Certified Health Coach

 | Published on 10/1/2018
Inspiring healthy living for others is something I have the privilege of doing. Being able to share how over 90 percent of diseases can be avoided or reversed through Whole Food Nutrition is something I eagerly and passionately do each day. I often tell my clients, “we don’t know what we don’t know”. By flooding our bodies consistently every single day, we are able to repair and prevent damage at a cellular level. Juice Plus+ is the way we can conveniently and affordably help families do this. The Healthy Family Starts program allows any adult who starts eating Juice Plus+ to give a child ages 4-26 capsules or gummies for free. Juice Plus+ has helped over a million children eat Juice Plus+ in a capsule or chewable every day. I am eager to meet others who would like to lock arms with me and Inspire Healthy Living.