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Supercharging Referrals

Barry McDonald  | Published on 10/7/2020
Supercharging referrals

You already know that delighting your customers is the best way to get more referrals. This is why we advocate spending your marketing dollars giving back to causes your customers care about. Why? Your customers will appreciate that you support things that they care about so in addition to getting referrals from your customers you'll get referrals from the charities in your community that receive your donations  plus you earn positive PR for your business. 


If schools, churches or local nonprofits in your community were asking their supporters to buy your products or use your service would that help you to get more customers?


SmallGyfts allow you to earn more referrals and get more customers when you reward your customers with a small donation, $1-$5, for doing business with you. Here's a link with more info Add your business in our directory for free so local shoppers can find you.


Let other businesses talk about how great they are. Let your customers and your community talk about how great you are. 



Barry McDonald